Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stress Reliever - Make Bread

Yesterday, before I knocked off from work in the evening, I had told my colleague that I want to make some bread to 'release my stress'.

For me, breadmaking can be very therapeutical. You just throw all your frustrations into the kneading process. You punch and knead the dough as though trying to get the last breath out of your enemy. Instead of letting my Kenwood knead the dough 100% ready, I had instead machine-knead till about 75% ready and then complete the kneading process using elbow grease.

Poor Doughboy must have suffered some good punches as I threw my frustrations at him to churn out these Sausage Twists. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Phew! What a great stress reliever!


Anonymous said...

Nice sausage twists. I do make sausage buns occasionally, but would like to know how you twist the dough.

Rusti said...

Hi Anonymous
Scale dough to 70g pieces. Roll in to a squarish-oval shape. Place sausage on centreline and fold the dough over to enclose. Use a rolling pin to compress the sealed edges lightly. Using a sharp blade or knife, cut across the sausages into 7-9 sections and then separate section 1 to the left, section 2 to the right, section 3 to left and until finished. The separated sections will rest on the folded edge of the dough. Glaze with egg and top with frozen vegs before squeezing a bit of mayonnaise and chilli sauce. Leve for final proofing before bakind