Friday, November 17, 2006

Steamed Cheese Cupcake/Muffins

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Cupcakes? Muffins? Whatever! Mei was asking around for a Steamed Cheese Muffin recipe. I wasn't sure if this is quite what she wants!

I have had this recipe scribbled in my notebook for the longest time and I really cannot remember the source. I had to try it first before posting to ensure that it works. So last night I attempted it for the very first time.
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Steamed Cheese Cupcakes

4 slices cheddar cheese spread
2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
35gm butter
180ml milk

Microwave or doubleboil the above ingredients till all the cheeses are melted and leave aside to cool.

200gm cake flour
4 tsp baking powder
75 - 80gm sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp ovalette

1) Sift the baking powder with the cake flour.
2) Whisk the egg and ovalette slowly (to disperse the ovalette, otherwise you will have yellow specks in your cakes).
3) Add the sugar and whisk till frothy
4) Drizzle in the cooled creamed cheese mixture whisking all the while.
5) Fold in the flour.
6) Pour into cupcake/muffin cases and steam over high heat for approx 13 minutes.

The cupcakes are supposed to have a nice round dome and not split open like the traditional huat kueh


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the recipe..u r so kind. Regards, Mei

Anonymous said...

Ginny, is it possible to show us a picture of the cheddar cheese spread? I can't imagine it in slices.



Anonymous said...

Those look perfect! I've never steamed cupcakes before but I wish my baked ones looked like that, with nice domed tops.

Rusti said...

Alannia, nothing special about the cheese. I guess you may not have noticed it. Those cheese slices (like Cheesedale) they are actually cheese spread.

Precious Moments said...

Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. So I can use any cheese slices. Yay!!!

paati said...

your muffins look delicious!going to try out your soupy dumplings this weekend!:)

Anonymous said...

Is it a must to use ovalette

Rusti said...

Hi Anonymous, you can omit the ovalette if you do not have it. However, ovalette does help to stabilize the 'sponge'. Without ovalette, you will have to steam all the muffins immediately otherwise the air will deflate very quickly (like in sponge cake). With ovalette, it gives you a bit of time as you can wait for one batch to be steamed before the next.

Quinn said...

I would like to half this recipe as I do not have ovalette. How much does this recipe yield?

Rusti said...

Hi Quinn
It has be so long since I made this. I cannot recall how many it yields and it also depends on the size of the cup liners you used.

katty said...

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