Sunday, November 26, 2006

Handbag Cake for Sophia

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Sophia will be 10 tomorrow. I had promised my colleague that I will make her daughter a handbag cake for her birthday.

Since Sophia's fav color is blue, I decided on a blue bag.

I had wanted to incorporate her initials on the cake but in the end decided to make hanging gold charms instead. The letters 'S' and 'K' are made from gumpaste and then painted with edible gold luster dust.

Starting with two 8" vanilla sponge sandwiched with strawberry filling, I began to sculpt away. I did not have any particular design in mind and I just went with the flow as I covered the cake in blue MMF. As she is still a kid, I decided that the finished bag must not be too mature for her and so decided to use pink trimmings (due to lighting conditions, the pink turned out looking white in the pictures).
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My only concern now is that the cake would topple over during my drive to work tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers (and toes) that the cake will remain upright at the end of the journey.
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Anonymous said...

Hi i'm Sophia and thank you for the cake Auntie Ginny. i liked it very much!! But just that the outside layer of the cake was a little bit too sweet. i suggest you can not make it too sweet so that other people would not have a toothache.

lance said...

What can one say!!!! Amazing!!!!

Rusti said...

Hi Sophia, you are welcomed and thank you for your valuable comments. I too want to make it not too sweet, maybe you want to teach me how. Joking. Anyway, sweet things will not cause toothache UNLESS you already have decayed tooth/teeth. So the point is, you must always brush your teeth well or at least rinse your mouth well after eating.

myCoffee said...

Oh my, what a great looking cake (and the one below as well). And you did it yourself too! What a pro!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ginny, can you please give me the sugar paste recipe ? I wanted to try but KC website is closed .. couldn't access ., please help!


Rusti said...

Hi Kellie, could you click the 'Email Me' icon at the top of this page. I will email the sugarpaste recipe to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ginny, but i couldnt find the icon .. can email to me @ ? thanks so much! Kellie