Sunday, October 22, 2006

October Babies

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October is month of mass birthday celebration in our family.

There used to be nine of us celebrating our birthdays this month. However this year, the figure has gone one notch up with a new addition in the form of a precious little girl named Krisalyn (my nephew's baby daugther). Krisalyn is just over 2 weeks old.

Tonight, all the birthday babies gathered at my brother's house for the bash. The youngest are celebrating their 19th birthday (my daughter & my niece) while the oldest is celebrating his 61st birthday (my second brother). Baby Krisalyn and her mommy did not join in the party as they are both still in confinement. Coincidentally, Krisalyn and her mommy shares the same birthdate!

My brother also invited two of his very good friends who are also October babies to join us in the merrymaking.

The task of making the birthday cake fell on me. I decided to make twelve individual cupcake baby for the each of us and one centrepiece symbolising a gaily wrapped birthday gift.

The cupcakes are vanilla flavored with an tangy orange curd filling. They are covered in buttercream before being topped off with a gumpaste baby sleeping snugly under a peppermint flavored marshmallow fondant (MMF) blanket. The blanket is then further individualised by an alphabet representing the person's name.

So I had A=Anna Alvin, C=Clarence Charles Crisalyn (my mistake, I thot it was spelt with a C), G=Ginny (hey that's me!), J=Joey, L=Leana, R=Riana, S=Susan Sylvia (my daughter) and finally Y=Yvonne.

The gift cake is a cappuccino sponge sandwiched with a layer of butter cream and black cherries and covered with the same peppermint MMF. (Hmmm come to think of it, both the cappunccino and peppermint flavor did not come through strong enough!). The pink bow is made from gumpaste

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As the party is a potluck thingy, I also made a Japanese Style Salad Parcel. To serve, you place sticks of raw vegetables (carrots, capsicum, celery, cucumber), ham, Japanese glass vermicelli and a spicy minced meat mixture onto a lettuce cup. The parcels are light and refreshing. Absolutely delicious!
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The rest of the spread:
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Gracio said...

ginny, the cake is really beautiful! Can start taking orders liao! ;)

karlsfoodie said...

I agree... very pro leh... must teach us how to do them so swee...

Anonymous said... nice to celebrate birthday with so many people. Your gift of a cake is really great.Love those fondant babies ;-)

Ling said...

Hi can i check with you, the marshmallow fondant or gum paste? that you used. Are they ready made & can be bought outside? If yes, where can i get them. Or do i have to make them myself? How do i go about it?


Rusti said...

Hi Ling. I make the MMF and gumpaste myself.

You can buy readymade fondant from Phoon Huat. They sell the Wilton Ready-To-Roll fondant and also a no-brand fondant which is displayed in their refigerator.

Ling said...


thanks so much. I will drop by soon to check them out.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ginny! The birthday cake (the babies especially!) is really beautiful.

Happy Birthday to all!!!


gladcake said...

Lovely cake! Happy birthday to all the October babies....

Anonymous said...

Ginny, I need to make a fondant cake for my nephew's birthday this saturday, but just realised that the filling cannot be whipping cream, can share your recipe of buttercream filling?

Rusti said...

Hi Anonymous

You can use this recipe:
3 cups icing sugar
Pinch of salt
½ tsp clear vanilla extract

Whip with slightly less than ½ cup of hot water till icing sugar is all dissolved and mixture has cooled down.

Add 1-1/4 cup shortening and 85gm butter. Whip till light and fluffy (approx 10 minutes)

Sometimes if I just need a bit of buttercream to stick the fondant to the cake, I will just mix a bit of butter with some icing sugar. It does not need to be very sweet as what you want is just to have something sticky for the fondant to adhere to the cake. You can also use a light color jam instead. Try not to use strawberry/blackberry jam unless you intend the fondant covering to be dark colored. Otherwise the dark colored jam will show through.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for helping, Ginny! You are indeed very helpful and generous..

Actually I am very afraid of too rich cream but no choice. :D