Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

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For my birthday yesterday, something simple, a non-bake Strawberry Yoghurt Marshmallow Cheesecake.

I simply love strawberries and yoghurt. As for marshmallow, I grew up eating these fluffy confections and I could not resist melting some into the creamcheese and also throwing in some bite-size pieces into the mixture. The cake is deliciously smooth with a tangy undertone coming from from yoghurt and cranberry mirror jelly.

Served with stawberry puree:
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Precious Moments said...

Happy Birthday Ginny. May all your dreams come true.

Amrita said...

happy birthday to u ginny......dont mind me askin, is this the same recipe as leelee's?

Rusti said...

Thanks Edith

Amrita, No. LeeLee's recipe is just marshmallow.

Fougassetta said...

Happy Birthday to you Ginny !
Have a wonderful day!

Gracio said...

Ginny, happy birthday! :)


Anonymous said...

hi ginny,
Wow...looking at your cakes makes me wish i can make them...but i know i can't :-(
mooi hiang

Amrita said...

ginny i think the cake is beautiful do u mind sharing the recipe with me please..thanks so much

gladcake said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

yochana said...

Dear Ginny,

Happy Birthday to you and may all your wish come true.


Rusti said...

Thank You, Thank You all for the well wishes.

Amrita, sure I will post the recipe for you, but in a couple of days okay as I am quite busy lately.

Anonymous said...

A belated birthday greetings to you.
Another lovely cake for your 2nd birthday celebration.

Anonymous said...

it looks TASTY! cant wait for the recipe

helena said...

Ginny, am a bit late at reading this but anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

Amrita said...

Thans very much ginny. u r so kind...and please dont rush yourself.......take all the time u need:)

karlsfoodie said...

Heyo.... hope im not too late to wish u Happy Birthday yeah

Anonymous said...

Hello there Ginny.

I have a question on this cake. Is the mirror topping the soft type? Will it be very difficult to cut then?

Thanking you in advance.


Rusti said...

Hi May

Not at all. The topping is not 'hard' like agar-agar if that is what you are asking. The texture is like those package jelly crystal desserts but firmer.