Sunday, October 08, 2006

Holy Smoke!

Gosh! The whole island has been enveloped in a thick layer of haze and acrid smell of deliberate deforestation fires set by the Indonesian farmers waft through our noses. The PSI is climbing towards the 150 mark and yet we are having a BBQ party outdoors. As the smoke rises from our grill, I guess we must be the most environmentally unfriendly people 'contributing' to the haze.

Inspite of the haze, it was a great party meeting up with good old friends, making new ones and especially meeting Yvonne, my hostess's niece, whom I have not seen since she was a child some 20+ years ago.

There was plenty to eat and drink. I just love Sally's Japanese Style Salad Rolls which are so refreshing and a nice accompliment to the grilled food. I brought along a dish of Cola Ribs and also made Vi's famous Tirimisu which was so well received by the other guests.

Tirimisu Garden, with flowers made with gumpaste.

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Cola Ribs
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When you are in good company, time flies and goodbyes were eventually said well after midnight.

Thank You Frank & Jenny for hosting a wonderful party. Looking forward to the next gathering.


^cherie said...

Hi Rusti, just a quick question. How do you manage to keep the tiramisu in shape (the cream mostly) during the journey fr 1 place to another?

I realised i cant bring mine anywhere even when i wanna give them away. They look as though it'll melt anytime.


Rusti said...

So far, I do not have a problem with this recipe. My fridge is real cold and I chill it over night. I always make sure that there is a fridge at the destination so that it goes straight in on arrival and not taken out till serving time.

^cherie said...

Ahhh.. thanks! I will try turning the fridge to its coldest when i make this cake then ;)