Friday, August 11, 2006

Sugar Baby

On medical leave today as I have a stye on my right lower eyelid. In case you are wondering what it is, a stye is also known as a hordeolum, and it is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland in the eyelid. The swelling is even causing my right cheek to hurt.

In our younger days, the grandmother story was that if you peeped at someone of the opposite sex peeing, you will get a stye . Ha Ha, perhaps I was peeping at Rusti, my male JRT doing this thing.

Anyway, this unexpected leave gave me time to made a batch of sugar paste. I have been so inspired by Glad, my friend from Kitchencapers (a cooking forum), who makes the most fantastic creation out of sugar paste (fondant). She is really good with her fingers and she is so creative.

After a bit of 'long-distance' coaching from her, I decided to try some on my own. After mixing the sugar paste, you have to leave it to 'develop' overnight so that the paste is more mallaeble. Me, being the kancheong spider, just could not wait. With whatever paste that was left on the table and scraper, I created my first sugar craft figurines.

Here is my sugar baby girl sleepy snugly under her blanket and a cherry blossom.
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And here is Ratbit with his swiss cheese. This was supposed to be a rat but in the end, it turned out looking more like a rabbit. This is what happens when you try cross-breeding a rat and a rabbit. Hmmph..
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Now I cannot wait for the rest of the paste to be ready.


myCoffee said...

Wow! Are these difficult to make? I want to learn too but they don't look easy.

Anonymous said...

Rusti, I like yr baby so cute. Congrates and welcome to the sugar paste club. Keep up the good n creative work.

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this look absolutely delicious, perfect for a cake, and now I remember that my son is near to her birthday, I like the mouse to her cake.