Saturday, August 05, 2006

Faith, Hope, Love & Luck

I know a place where the sun is gold
And the cherry blooms burst with snow
And down underneath is the loveliest nook
Where the four-leaf clovers grow

One leaf is for HOPE, and one is for FAITH
And one is for LOVE, you know
And GOD put another in for LUCK
If you search, you will find where they grow

Buy you must have HOPE, and you must have FAITH
You must LOVE and be strong, and so
If you work, if you wait, you will find the place
Where the four-leaf clovers grow

~~~~~~~Author: Ella Higginson~~~~~~~~~

If you have been to the shopping malls recently, you would have noticed that the jewellery shops and push-carts hawkling costume accessories are flooded with rings, pendants and earrings sporting the 4-leaf clover.

In Irish tradition, The Shamrock, or 3-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity: One for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit. And when a Shamrock is found with the fourth leaf, it represents God's Grace.

It is said that out of every 10,000 clover leaves, you can only find one 4-leaf clover. It is such a rare occurrence that finding one would surely mean that Good Luck is on your way.

So to spread some Good Luck to anyone who come to this site, here are some 4-leaf clovers for you.

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These Sugar Cookies with a Mint Royal Icing are lovingly decorated by DD.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny, is it possible to share yr sugar cookies n the mint royal icing recipe.I thought of making it for my dd wedding in may..Thank amillion in advance.


Rusti said...

Hi Siti.
First of all, Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.

Could you send me an email and I will send you the recipes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Ginny for yr email add Thanks again in amillion n i really appreciated it. thank you.