Monday, March 05, 2007

Toss For Good Luck

It was the last day of the Chinese New Year yesterday and we had our traditional Yue Sheng (Raw Fish Salad) Party at home.

As there are always so many of us, we will usually just throw a piece of new and cleaned plastic sheet over the entire dining table to be used like a giant serving platter. All the veggies will be piled onto the plastic sheet and we would all just toss away for good luck amidst loud shouts of 'Fatt Ah' (Cantonese for Prosperity).

Last year, we had shaped the salad into the outline of the Singapore island.

This year, being the Year of the Golden Pig, we decided to shape the salad into the Chinese character 'Zhu', which means Pig.

The salad, before adding the condiments.
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With the condiments scattered all over the character. We added a heart outline to the character as the 15th day is also believed to be a Valentine day of sort whereby, if an unmarried lady were to toss a mandarin orange into a river, she will be blessed with a spouse quickly.
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Ready! Set! Go! We have to hold up the sides of the plastic sheet to prevent the 25 overly enthusiatic diners from tossing the salad onto the floor.
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Tossed and ready to be eaten.
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And after the salad, a nice bowl of Abalone & Chicken Shreds Porridge.
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Chawanmushi said...

Hi Ginny
Glad that you've started blogging again.
It's my first time seeing a table being use as a giant dish for the toss up :-)I think it's a great idea.