Friday, June 26, 2009

Cupcakes for my Daughter

Today is the last day of work for my daughter at a designer furniture company. She has worked there for slightly over a year and she decided it is time to make move to a position that has more relevancy to her Mass Communications Degree.

These cupcakes are for her to bring to the office as a farewell treat for her colleagues.

Vanilla Cupcakes using a recipe from the Magnolia Bakery and with a Creamcheese Frosting that I put together with some icing sugar, butter and vanilla extract.
cakes; Cupcakes; Cream Cheese
Saying Ciao
cakes; Cupcakes; Cream Cheese


Ange said...

Hi Ginny,

Your cream cheese froting looks wonderful! Do you mind sharing the recipe with me? Mine always turn out too watery for piping... Thanks in advance... my emai add is

Thank you.


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Wow looks delicious and well made, it's very nice for her to take to her friends.
Nice post.