Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunday's Lunch

This was lunch on Sunday.

Saute Cabbage with Black Fungus.
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Sambal Tumis Prawns
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Deep Fried Beancurd with Okonomiyaki Dip
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And a Chinese Roast Pork that only meets 70% of my expectation.
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While preparing the belly pork, I knew immediately that I would not get a good crackling on the roast. The skin was extremely tough and it took a lot of effort to prick the surface when usually, it would be a breeze to do so. Normally, it would be very easy to prick the skin all over with the special 'skin piercer'. This time, I had a hard time pushing the nails of the piercer in. There were just too much resistance. As expected, I did not manage to get the skin as crispy as I would normally be able to achieve.

Piercing the skin after salting the meat.
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Vinegar is applied to the skin and left to dry. This process is repeated 4-5 times to soften the skin.
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To get a good crackling, a thick coat of coarse salt is piled onto the skin. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After 10 minutes of roasting, the salt would harden and form a crust that must be removed.
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The pork is left to roast till the skin bubbles and meat is cooked through.
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Beck said...

Hi Rusti,

been following your blog for quite some time. You've inspired me to return to cooking and baking. In the past, I've always used my busy work schedule (sad to say, its still as busy) as an excuse not to step into the kitchen. Right now, I'm finding it as a good way to unwind & my family enjoys the results too.

Your roast pork belly looks really delicious. Can share how you prepare the pork belly and where I can find the device used for piercing the skin? TIA :)

Rusti said...

Hi Beck
Thanks for your support.
I too only recently 'returned' to active baking though I do cook during the weekends.

Now I take it as a form of relaxation even after a hard day's work.

I will post the full instructions for the roast pork later. As for the 'piercer', I have to check the name of the shop. You can use a skewer, ice-pick or even a fork to prick the skin. What matters more is that the particular piece of belly pork must not be 'thick skinned'.

yochana said...

Aiyoh ginny,

your roast pork make me lau nua.


Anonymous said...

Ginny, that is the way I roast my pork belly too. It was taught to me by my boss who was in turned taught by her Hong Kong friend.

Rusti said...

I feel this is the best method so far. It usually turns out very well but this particular time the skin was not crisp enough. This pig is damn thick skinned.