Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Featherlight Sponge Cupcakes

I bought these pretty cake cases some time back and I had entirely forgotten about them until last week when I was looking for some cake cases to put the Chocolate Mayonnaise Cakes.

As the cases are rather big, I decided against making muffin as I have never like them baked jumbo-sized. A featherlight sponge would be ideal as you can finish the whole cupcake and yet not feel stuffed.

They turned out pretty nice and I love how the cakes can be removed so cleanly without sticking to the insides of the cases.


A slight tug at the corners and the case unfolds easily to reveal the cake.

If the photos seemed a bit blurry, well you are right! I bought a new cammy, a Nikon D90 over the weekend and I am still struggling with the instruction manual and learning how to use it. So until I master how to select the correct aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, be prepared for more out-of-focused pictures.


Taste of My Life said...

Just a note to inform that I come to your blog. This is looking good!

Anonymous said...

wao wao...
able to share where you got the case? thnks :)


Rusti said...

Taste of My Life
Thanks. Do continue your visits.

Rusti said...

Hi Gal
I bought them from Starnet Marketing, a wholsale supplier at IMM.


Wow! Another blogger into DSLR stuff now . congrats! Looking forward to more gorgeous shots of your already gorgeous bakes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, even when pic is blurry i can see that the cake is very light. Luv light sponges but can never achieve. Can share the recipe pls? Txs.

Rusti said...

Hi Eryn
You want to send me your email?

family said...

Hi. Good blog. Care to share the recipe for the featherlight cupcakes. Pls do...... My e-mail is Thanx.


lydna said...

Hi Rusti...
can i have this recipe ? look great and yummy yeah!



how to send you myy email address?

Lydna said...

my email is

thanks thanks!!

Darren said...

I had seen other cup cakes similar to these ones, but not as good as these ones, perhaps you may send me the recipe please, I will appreciated.

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cialis online said...

This cupcakes are so so good, thanks for sharing this recipe.

Faiza Hashin said...

can u share the recipe?