Wednesday, March 18, 2009

C is for Crabsticks

C is also for chiffons. Two chiffons in fact.

Baked two chiffons tonight. The darker colored cake is a Cheese Chiffon whilst the lighter colored one is a Crabstick Chiffon.

I am really surprised how light and fluffy these two cakes are as they were baked using normal plain flour for the Cheese Chiffon and self-rising flour for the Crabstick Chiffon. I remembered back in the 70s, when chiffon cakes were in vogue, the only flour used to make them was the SoftasSilk flour. This is equivalent to the top flour used in baking nowadays. The SoftasSilk flour disappeared from the supermarket shelves in the 90s and even now, you can only find them only in a few selected supermarket outlets.

Crabstick Chiffon - speckled with shredded crabsticks or crab filament sticks.

Cheese Chiffon - I had used a mixture of cheese slices and edam cheese to add more flavor.



Your cakes have risen so beautifully!!!! Oh, when you are free, can you show me the mould for your flower pineapple tarts. You told me you use the cookie presser and then place the cut out into the papercase right? Thanks Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi,wandering how's the taste of the crabstick chiffon cake?looks pretty :)

Rusti said...

Hi Family First
Thanks. Yes they did rise very high.
I use a normal flower shaped cutter that has five petals. Send me your email and I can show you.

Rusti said...

Hi Anonymous
It tastes quite nice actually. A little bit of salt was added and the sweet-salty taste is quite unique I must say.

karlsfoodie said...

wah swee leh!!!
now u tempting me to try the cheese chffion again haa

evan 이벤젤린 said...

i've never seen savory chiffon cakes b4. a nice change from the usual sweet ones =) and your bakes are all so lovely!

Rusti said...

Hi Jo
Yah very swee hor! I used a 6-egg recipe in a 9-inch pan. It rises way up.

Rusti said...

Thanks Evan.
Yes the savoury taste is rather unique.

airenchan said...

Hi, just to say thank you for being so generous to share the recipes and the beautiful photos too. Keep up with the good job. Ciao

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please let me know how much crab stick do you used for your cake? Thanks.

Rusti said...

Hi Anonymous

For the 9-inch pan, I used 5 pieces of crabsticks.


aihua3 said...

Hi Ginny,

The texture of your chiffon cake looks so fluffy and light. I've been trying out orange and pandan one for the last 3 weeks but mine are so far off from yours. Will you pls share the recipe with me? Thanks a lot. said...

Goodness, there's a great deal of useful info in this post!