Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Week of Asian Food

Not planned, but it happens that what I made last week hails from various parts of Asia.

West Malaysia: From Sarawak, the land of the Ibans, I made a Steamed Sarawak Kaya Cake. I received two different recipes for this cake. Though they have different ingredients, the name is similar. So to avoid confusion, scribbled SSKC-Version I and SSKC-Version II on the recipes for ease of differentiating them. I shall not go into details of the ingredients of the two versions for the time being until I have experimented with both recipes.

This is SSKC-Version I . A very soft, moist and fragrant cake that is redolent with the richness of kaya.

East Malaysia: This savory layered steamed cake, which I have made many times, is made by layering cream crackers with a spicy mix of luncheon meat and large onions. What prompted me to make this Oriental Lasagne again is that the cans of luncheon meat had started to make its appearance on the supermarket shelves again after vanishing almost overnight due to a food recall by the health ministy. My rationale is that if it the supermarket is allowed to sell them again, then they must have been given the all clear signal.

Indonesia: Chendol Avocado Smoothie with avocadoes purchased from Batam. They were really cheap! 5 big fruits for approximately S$2.00. The smoothie was layered with chendol strips and sweetened red beans and topped with palm sugar syrup.
Chendol Avocado Smoothie

Philippines: I first tasted Polvoron more than ten fifteen years ago when a business associate brought us some during one of his visits. I am not sure if I should classify this as a cookie or a sweet. Anyway, when Elaine, my colleague returned to the Philippines for a holiday, I grabbed the chance to ask her help me buy the Polvoron plunger. Here is my Peanut Butter Oreo Polvoron.


karlsfoodie said...

just 1 word...yummy!!!

Florence said...

Oh yes, Polvoron!
Those that crumble and melt in the mouth type, really yummy especially the cookies and cream ones.
My maid makes good polvoron, I think her family members sell these in their hometown.

ling said...

Oriental Lasagne look so gd. is it possible to share the recipe?

Iris said...

Hi Ginny
Would it be possible for you to share the recipe of the Steamed Sarawak Kaya Cake (SSKC-Version I)? It looks so delicions.
My email address is
Thanks in advance.

Bunnies said...


That Steamed sarawak kaya cake looks very yummy... is it possible for you to share the recipe with me as my daughter loves cakes.

My email address is


Joanna said...

Yes, please do share with us the sarawak kaya cake recipe. Thanks My email is

ain said...

Hi,can share the sarawak kaya cake recipe? Wld appreciate it. My email is

Skychio said...

Do you mind sharing the Sarawak Kaya Cake Recipe? My email address is: It has been wonderful reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Anonymous said...


Has just come across your blog first time and am very impressed by all your baking. Wonder if you are able to share the sarawak kaya cake recipe? Tks in advance my email is

Rachel said...

Hi! Could you please share your recipe for the Sarawak Kaya cake with me? My email is


dt said...

Hi! Could you please share your recipe for the Sarawak Kaya cake with me? My email is

may said...

Came across your blog and your sarawak seri kaya cake and oriental lasagne looks very promising. Care to share the recipes? Than you.

Anonymous said...

Yr Sarawak Seri Kaya Cake looks delicious, may I share the recipe. My email thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi able to email sarawak seri kaya email

Rusti said...

Hi May
Could you send me your email address?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

Could you share your recipe for oriental lasagne and sarawak seri kaya cake? My email address is

Thank you.

Shirley said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

Please please share your Sarawak Seri Kaya Cake recipe. I have been looking for this recipe for ages! My email addy is:


meiwan said...

Hi, I have being highly intrigued with the ongoing posting of this cake with its elusive recipe on the net, so much so that I asked a colleague to buy the gula hitam browning from Kuching for on her balik kampung trip recently. Big problem is now that I have the essential ingredient, I haven't got the recipe. So could you please give me the recipe for SSKC-1 if it is not too much trouble. Thank you. My email is

Rusti said...

Hi Meiwan
The recipe is no longer elusive as they are now available from different recipe books. Please resend your email address as I encountered a failure notice.

Anonymous said...

While searching for Sarawak Kaya Cake Recipe,I accidentally drop in your blog for the first time, I love your blog very much..I admire your fondant cake decoration.

Would you mind sharing your Sarawak Kaya Cake Recipe with me? I appreciate. TQ.

Anonymous said...

wah ur food sodelicious
can i have sarawak kaya cake
can u email to me?thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny
I have been searching high and low for this recipe (Sarawak Seri Kaya(SSKC-Version I). Would appreciate if you can share the recipe? My email add:
Thank you very very much.

ChezzyHeart said...

Hi Ginny,

I've been seaching high & low for a gd sarawak seri kaya cake, can i hv the recipe too ^^

thks a million

Anonymous said...


Can you pls share the recipe?
My email is

Thank you.

lim said...


Your sarawak seri kaya cake look very moist and good.. Do you mind share the recipe with me?
your kindness is much appreciated.


Serena said...


Can you pls share the sarawak seri kaya cake recipe....pls. My email add.

Thank you in advance.

Lin said...

your sarawak serikaya cake looks good. hope you can share the recipe, my email is
thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusti,
May I share the recipe for Steamed Sarawak Kaya Cake?
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Very much appreciate.


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Anonymous said...

I love Polvoron! I've never had a Peanut Butter Oreo Polvoron though, just the regular kind. I would love to give it a try! I hope you wouldn't mind sharing your recipe with me. My email is