Monday, July 17, 2006

Long Overdue

Being a person who loves to cook and bake, I have always wanted to share my cooking escapades (as the name of this site suggests) with anyone who is able to gain access to what I was doing. Procrastination has put me off once too many times and it’s great to finally start off on this site and I hope whatever I cook, bake or create will be as useful to me in my learning journey as it will be to you.

The interest in cooking and baking began at the age of seven and it was generated through the influence of my dearest mother. I started off by assisting her with simple tasks like cracking gingko nuts and removing golden brown membranes from the roasted peanuts that were placed on a large and round rattan sieve. Slowly and surely, I graduated to washing rice, vegetables and meats etc.

As the youngest child of a large family, I would sometimes be teased at the mess that I create by my group of elder siblings consisting of three brothers and four sisters. It also seemed like the love for cooking and baking is destined to run in the blood of the females in my family and each possesses a different area of specialty: Dim Sum, Restaurant Cooking, Cakes & Cookies, Curries the list goes on.

Hence, I hope to continue exploring the wonders of cooking and baking which is something that is able to bring people together. And I hope that you will be greatly blessed by this.

With that, I bequeath My Cooking Escapades to the wonderful people who take time to look through this site.


karlsfoodie said...

Now I have 1 more good place to loiter =) heh... do guid eme along with ur cookingn baking yeah

Puspha said...

Welcome to the world of foodblogging. All the best to u.

Hugbear said...

Congrats and welcome to the world of foodblogging. Hope to see more of your wonderful work.

Gracio said...

I second everyone! hey Ginny, welcome to blogging!=)

Rusti said...

Thanks Jo, Puspha, LeeLee & Grace for your words of encouragement. I have much to learn from all of you.