Sunday, May 11, 2008

Making Up for Lost Time

Having gone out of action for many months, I seems to be making up for lost time. I made two cakes last week. Nothing new as these were tried and tested, fail safe bakes for me.

Cranberry Apricot Buttercake

Chocolate Anonymous Cake sans fudge

Made these Mango Mochi today after seeing them on Florence's blog.

Luscious Thai Honey Mango enclosed in a soft, yet chewy glutinous skin


Anonymous said...

This looks positively lovely and sinful.I have long been an admirer of your delicious bakes and am wondering if you'd post or e-mail the chocolate anonymous cake recipe.I have long been looking for a recipe that turns out exactly as your picture and have in the process tried and miserably failed in many a recipe that produces a dense product instead of your rich fluffy cake.
Thank you and keeping up the scrummy bakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

Wah! Both butter and choco cakes look divine. Can email the recipes to me plssss? I've never tried baking butter cake with addinhg fruity stuff in the mixture. Muak!!!


celine said...

Hi Ginny,

Can I please the recipes for your buttercake and chocolate cake. It looks so super-yummy delicious!!

My email address is


Joanna said...

I have tried a few of aunty yochana's butter cake recipes but I dont know why it turns out too soft and not compact like your prunes butter cake. Can you share with me how to make it more compact but still nice to eat?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

Wow...your butter cake looks yummy. Hope you can email the recipes to me as I have been craving buttercake lately. Thanks.

My email :


ChezzyHeart said...

Hi Ginny,
Wld u care to share? will like to know the recipe for a delicious & compact butter cake. Thanks in adv