Saturday, September 08, 2007

Precious Choya Snowskin

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My second moonies this year. Snowskin that is flavored with Umeshu Choya, a Japanese liquer that is infused with sour Ume plums.

I could have named them Double-Wine snowskins as the fillings are a Red Wine Cranberry-Lotus Paste. However, I prefer the fancier name of Precious Choya Snowskin as each moonie is topped with a flake of edible gold leaf. It took a lot of hunting on my part before I finally found the gold leaf at the Chinese Medical Hall.

Apparently, these gold leaves have a medicinal value (I do not know what??) and they can also be used on the face to beautify the texture of our complexion.
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These moonies are definitely not for the kiddies as I had used quite a lot of the wine in place of the water called for in the recipe. I love how the sourish wine offset the sweetness from the skin and how it enhances the taste of the cranberry paste.
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karlsfoodie said...

ya ginny
the gold leave is believe to have medicinal value.. i heard bout that few yr ago too =)
kidn of detoxifiy the body or wat...

Amrita said...

hi ginny! they're beautiful!

Where's the chinese medicine hall? :D

alice said...

hi ginny, the moonies are gorgeous! Are the gold leaf expensive?

Big Boys Oven said...

the ingredients look great and the combination seems interesting and so tempting...

Rusti said...

Hi Amrita, I bought the leaves from a medical hall in Jurong West. I did not take note of the block nor name of the shop as I just 'popped' in to try my luck. I will note the address when I next visit that area perhaps in a forthight's time.

Alice, the leaf is 80 cents each.

Hi Big Boys Oven, Thanks and it does tastes good. Just substitute 50% of the water with Choya in any snowskin recipe (or 75% if you want a stronger taste).

Jennifer said...

Hi Rusti,

Thanks for sharing the idea of adding choya. I tried made some snowskin mooncakes with it, dh love the taste and the fragrant.


Rebecca said...

Hi Rusti,

it's been a long time since I last visit your blog and I'm so happy you've resumed blogging.

Your mooncakes are so well-made they looked like those purchased from hotels. Yum!

Please let me know where you've purchased the gold leaf if you managed to find out. I have been hunting high and low for it. TIA

Rusti said...

Hi Rebecca, oh yes it has been a long time since I heard from you. I think most Chinese medical shops carry the gold leaf. Ask for 金膜. I bought mine from Jurong West. Sorry I did not take note of the block. I will post the address after my next visit there.

Rusti said...

Hi Jennifer, I think it tasted great too. Thanks for experimenting with my 'crazy' idea.