Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookie Bouquet

This is the cookie bouquet which I made last week. The sugar cookies were decorated two ways. Some were first outlined in medium consistency royal icing and then flooded with thin royal icing. The others were decorated with sugarpaste which were 'glued' on using piping gel.

Christmas Themed Cookie Bouquet


Cookies; fondant;


stevia said...

Woh! very pretty, seems like lots of effort put into it. I like the christmas tree next to the star. Well done.

stevia said...

Oh, one more, there is a site that would interest you because I have seen your wonderful cupcakes before. It's a competition, you might win some nice prices. Well, Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusti,
May i check, for fruit cake covered with fondant, do u brush a gel over before covering with fondant or need to place mazipan? thks


Rusti said...

Hi Kim
Yes I applied a thin layer of apricot jam to help the fondant stick better. I am too lazy to cover with marzipan and then fondant. But if you can be bothered, this 'double wrapping' will definitely give your cake a superior finish as the marzipan will eliminate any bumps on the cake.

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