Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Celphy is One


Aunty Ginny, can you help my friend make a birthday cake for her daughter's 1st birthday. Wtihout thinking, I said Yes to Tricia, a neighbour of my brother's.

I did not think twice about making this cake as it has been quite a long time since I last made a fondant cake.

It was to be a two-tiered cake with the name C-E-L-P=H-Y spelt out on the top tier and MY 1ST BIRTHDAY on the lower tier.

I made a cranberry buttercake with a tangy orange curd fillings for the lower tier and a chocolate cherry cake with chocolate cream cheese fillings for the top tier.

Making this cake was a bit 'stressful' for me but not in a bad way though. As it is still within the lunar new year period, it was a challenge to juggle the many visitations, work, the sugarpaste and marshmallow fondant preparation and with the pre-molding of the flowers and alphabets.

I was told little Celphy loves Elmo. I thought I could mould Elmo from sugarpaste to be used as a cake topper. As this is my first attempt to mould cartoon figurines I was pretty panicky when it did not turn out the way I wanted it to. In fact my daughter commented that my Elmo looks constipated.

In the end, I bought a set of the Wilton Sesame Street cake toppers to be used instead. (The little hole you see in the middle here is where the centre dowel was driven in to hold the two tiers in place. It will be covered up when the '1st' candle is positioned over it.)
I had no particular design or theme in mind but just let whatever ideas that comes along lead the way as I decorated the cake in marshmallow fondant.

I am pretty pleased with the end result and I was happy that the cake was much prettier than what Tricia and Celphy's mum had expected.

Oh, and this is the side order of cupcakes which Celphy's mum ordered as well.






The cake and cupcakes are really pretty. I have been waiting for you to get back to blogging after your course .. and you disappeared for a long long time until I thot you stopped altogether. Then I saw you back in action at KC Forum which I was so glad. Welcome back. We beginners need "sifu" like you to be around to share with us. Thanks.

Rusti said...

Hi Family First
Thanks for your lovely comments. I am very flattered that you considered my a sifu. Honestly, I am not that level yet. Glad and Comfort are the real Sifus.

MsCake said...

Hi Aunty Ginny

I tried email to you but there was a failure. So I am trying to contact you re the following:

I love the birthday 2-tier cake. Thought of ordering one for my nephew's daughter (if it's not too exp) whose birthday falls on 21 feb. How much will it be? Kindly email me at :



Rusti said...

Opps! Let me check the link to my email.
I will be away in Shanghai for business from 15th to the 22nd of Feb. Terribly sorry but I will not be able to take your order. Apologies.

MsCake said...

Hi Ginny

Thanks for your prompt reply.

It's ok. Hv a nice trip there !

By the way, you are doing your own business? Sorry for being so nosy. You may choose not to answer - thanks !


Rusti said...

Hi Cath
Oh no. I am a full-time HR professional with an American MNC. Baking and cooking is a passion developed since young and it is my way of relaxing after a day's work.

wallpapersdeco said...

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jacquisbakingsomething said...

Hi Rusti,
Love your cake & Cupcakes.
Where do you get your cupcake boxes?
Did you use buttercream for your cupcakes? how do you achieve this beautiful green? I use Wilton's gel solours, but can't get such a vibrant color. My yellow is bright.
Please advise


Anonymous said...

hi rusti

Just came across your website today and glad that i find it very invaluable for its tips and great, mouth-watering pics. Your German-style roast pork knuckle looks crispy and yummy. Would you be kind enough to share the recipe? thank you. Email is yvonne3869@yahoo.com.

keri said...

Hi Aunty Ginny,
I'm planning to make a bunch of my friends cakes for their birthdays, and I wanted to see if you could give me a few tips.
1. What recipe did you use for the fondant?
2. What kind of dye do you use to color your fondant?
3. How do you keep the cake moist during the entire process? (Because if you keep chilling the cake, doesn't it dry out?)
4. When do you refrigerate/freeze the cake? I know before applying the crumb coat, but what about after?

Would you please email me your responses (kjw46123@creighton.edu)? Thanks so much!

Sugary Goodness (Kim) said...

Hi Ginny,
Love your cupcake containers. Did you order them online? I would love to check into some.

Rusti said...

Hi Kim
No not online but from a wholesaler. Are you residing in Singapore?

Ange said...

Hi Ginny,

Can share where you order your cupcake container from? Please email me at ange28@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

May I know where you get the cupcake container from?
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

May I know where did u get the cupcakes container too? Pls email me at jassychui@yahoo.com.sg


family said...

Hi Ginny,
Looks like I too want to know where you get those cool cupcake containers. Pls e-mail me at mismael@bigfoot.com.


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