Friday, January 02, 2009

Dementia Setting In

Last evening I was short-messaging with LY and she reminded me that my blog is getting rusty from the absence of blog entries.

I have to admit that I am really getting rusty and lazy to boot. I thought that the moment my studies are completed, I would quickly start blogging about my cooking escapades again. Alas, none of that happened. As you can see, my last entry was in June 08. I completed my degree in the first week of November 08. And then.......nothing happened. At least not until now when I was prodded by LY. Thanks chum, you have woken me up and had given me the mojo to start blogging again.

So last night, close to midnight actually, I started first by editing some photos of stuff which I have cooked and baked over the last few months and I was about to upload the photos to my Photobucket account and HORRORS! I have forgotten my login password. Worst still I could not remember which email address I had the Photobucket account registered to (some email accounts are no longer in use!). What a serious case of Dementia!

So there I was, staring blankly at the "!Incorrect Username or Password" screen contemplating what's next? Ah....go to bed!

This morning, I sent a long email to Photobucket, answering eleven questions supplied by Photobucket to verify and ascertain that I am the rightfulowner to my photo account. For now, I shall just sit and twiddle my thumbs as I wait patiently for Photobucket to reactivate my account.

Well, no harm slacking a little bit longer right?


MIZZ said...

Hi... your CNY Nian Gao Looks great,. Could you share your recipe ?


Rusti said...

Hi Christobel

Could you give me your email address.