Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gimme Another 3 Weeks

As you see, I have not updated my blog since January. In fact, I hardly visited my own blog as I was kept real busy both at work and my studies.

I did receive numerous emails for recipes and I have tried to reply as many as I could. If you did not hear from me, I offer my sincere apologies. Give me another three weeks. By then, my exams will be over and I should be able to get into some action (well at least for a month till my next semester begins).

Until then, thanks again all for your continued support.

1 comment:

Meenimee said...

Good luck for exams!

I just tried your strawberry yoghurt marshmallow cheesecake and its wondeful! Thanks for sharing!

Just a question, how much is 8gm gelatine in terms of teaspoon?