Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Extremely Lazy

I have been extremely lazy lately. I had thought that after my exams, I would go into a baking frenzy. Surprisingly, I went on snail's pace. I was not motivated to bake nor blog. Ummh....something must be wrong with me! It has been almost a month now and I have only just started to crawl a little. I had better speed up before the next term starts in January as I do have many new recipes to try.

I was really glad to have four very good friends over for dinner last evening. Though it has been only close to five months since we started our course in July, we had became firm friends and a really dynamic project team to boot.

For my bunch of serious at times but mostly crazy, lively and funny groupmates I made:

Mee Siam - Topped with chives, beanpuffs, prawns and crispy shrimp skin.
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Yam Cake Wannabes - The correct name should be Bread Pudding I supposed but everyone was stumped to realise that these are not Yamcakes but savory puddings made with bread. It tasted so yam-like that I had to call them Wannabes.
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Frosted Cupcakes - I just loved this Vanilla Cupcakes. Soft and fluffy with a heavenly vanilla fragrance.
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Mars Bar Velvet Cheesecake - I had this recipe for the longest time and this is the first time I have attempted this cake. It has chopped Mars chocolate bars inside and I also added some shredded canned pineapple to give it a little bite and some sour tang. Amazingly, the caramel within the bars oozes out like molted lava in little pools on the surface & when you slice through the cake. Personally, I do not really like this cake as it was way too creamy for me.
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To wash the spiciness of the Mee Siam down, a refreshing minty Lime Mochito.
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To Maria, Lai Foong, Joanna and Rayson, thanks for being such good pals. Knowing the bunch of you makes studying fun and I am really looking forward to the day when the five of us will parade ceremoniously on stage in our splendid convocation gowns and mortar-boards to receive our well-deserved scrolls.


Jungleboy said...

Hello Ginny, do we have a group mate by the name Joanna meh? Joanne lah...my dear...

Anyway, the Mars Bar Velvet Cheesecake is so tasty. If i m going to invest my $ into F&B, you will be my choice for the post of master chef. Let me know when u want to switch career lor...U r also one of the crouching tigress, hidden dragon, Cheers...


Jungleboy said...

Ahhh...and one more thing,
Mee Siam Mai Hum



Anonymous said...

Which blog did you get your shortbread recipe from (for the pineapple tarts)? Also, how did you get such a good square shape for the tarts? Did you shape these by hand or did you have some kind of special cookie cutter?

Rusti said...

Hi Anonymous
Which post are you referring to?